High Command Of The Armed Forces.   7th April, 1945.

(Operational Staff).

                The development of the position in the west, and the loss of many operational communication links, make it necessary to adjust the organisation of command in the western theatre of war to conform with changed conditions. I therefore order the following reorganisation of command in the west.

                1. The following are immediately subordinate to the High Command Of The Armed Forces:

  • Commander In Chief Northwest (High Command Army Group H).
  • High Command Army Group B.
  • Commander In Chief West.
  • Naval High Command West.
                2. The following come under command of Commander In Chief Northwest (High Command Army Group H):

                (a) The present command area of Command Staff, North Coast. Commander, High Command North Coast Staff, is available to Commander In Chief Northwest, to assume command in this area.

                (b) Commander In Chief Netherlands.

                The following come under his command: 25th Army; Commander Armed Forces Netherlands; Admiral Netherlands; and Airforce units stationed in the Netherlands. Commander In Chief Netherlands is personally responsible to me for the defence of Fortress Holland, for the exhaustive use of all necessary and available means for this task. Commander In Chief Netherlands will make use of Commander 25th Army in the execution of his duties.

                As soon as land communications with the Reich are interrupted, the instructions issued in my comprehensive order on fortresses will apply to the cooperation between Commander In Chief Netherlands and the Reich Commissioner For Occupied Territories In The Netherlands.

                (c) Colonel General Student's Army Group, Parachute Army.

                (d) Military District XI.

                3. The following remain under command of High Command Army Group B, as hitherto: 5th Armoured Army; 15th Army; von Lüttwitz Army Department, and all units and soldiers of all arms in the Army Group area.

                4. The following remain under command of Commander In Chief West: High Command Army Group G, with 1st Army and 7th Army; 11th and 19th Armies direct; also Military Districts V, VII, IX, and XIII.

                5. The boundary between Commander In Chief Northwest and Commander In Chief West runs as follows: Paderborn-Holzminden-Salzgitter-Oschersleben-Schönebeck (these towns belonging to Northwest).

                6. The organisation of air forces stationed in the west will conform with Army organisation. In addition, an appropriate Command Staff will be attached to Commander In Chief Northwest and Commander In Chief West, and the support of Army Group B is particularly important. My Order of 3rd April for the subordination of air and antiaircraft formations supporting the Army in the west applies also to the new system of command. These formations will consequently come under operational command of Commanders In Chief Northwest and West. Commander In Chief Airforce will notify me of the new disposition of forces. The assumption of command in the new areas will be notified.

                7. Details of territorial chain of command (subordination of Military Districts) are contained in the Order of 7th April.

                8. I am to be notified when command of the new areas has been assumed.

Adolf Hitler.