High Command Of The Armed Forces.   5th February, 1945.

(Operations Staff).

Qu.1 (Transport).

Subject: Transport Of Refugees From The East To Denmark.

                The Leader issued the following orders on 4th February, 1945:

                In order to relieve the transport situation in the Reich immediately, I order as follows:

                Our Folkish comrades temporarily moved back from the eastern part of the Reich will be accommodated in Denmark as well as in the Reich. In particular, civilians will be evacuated to Denmark who:

  1. Can be moved by the Navy by sea, without prejudice to the day to day movement of troops and supplies, or who:
  2. Have been landed in Western Baltic Sea ports, including Stettin and Swinemünde, and must be moved from there by rail.
                The Reich Plenipotentiary will cooperate with the local Danish authorities in arranging suitable accommodation for evacuated civilians. The Armed Forces will afford all possible assistance in this respect.

Adolf Hitler.

Comment By The High Command Of The Armed Forces For The Armed Forces:

                The Armed Forces will make special efforts to help by making use of all means of transport returning west, by sea, rail, or road; by assistance with rations, medical care, and arrangements for accommodation at intermediate points on the journey.

Lieutenant General And Acting Chief Of The High Command Of The Armed Forces,
Operations Staff.