Meanwhile on other fronts too the blows were falling. In the East, Finland sued for an armistice on 25th August, and next day Romania, where a coup d'état had overthrown the pro German dictator Marshal Antonescu, ridiculously changed sides and declared war on Germany. On the same day General Alexander launched his attack on the Gothic Line in Italy. By 1st September the Germans had evacuated Bucharest, and in Italy the Eighth Army had made the first breach in the Gothic Line. Hitler had some reason to believe that the next blow would fall in the Balkans. (Winston Churchill and Marshal Tito had met in Naples on 12th August and discussed a landing in Yugoslavia.) On 2nd September Hitler issued new orders for the defence of Fortress Crete. On 12th September he ordered fortifications to be built in Southern Austria, against a possible attack from the Adriatic Sea coast, in conjunction with Yugoslav partisans (No. 65). Six days later, similar Orders (not presented here) were issued for the fortification of Slovakia against the impending Russian advance in the east.