The Leader.   29th August, 1944.

Order For Completion Of Defences In The German Bight

                1. I issue the following orders for the strengthening of our defences in the German Bight.

                (a) The fortification of the entire coast from the Danish to the Dutch frontier, as well as those of the North and East Frisian Islands, which have not yet been fortified (Program A). The islands already fortified will be brought up to a full state of defence.

                (b) The planning and preparation of all measures for the quick construction of a second position, which will run from the Danish frontier, in a depth of about 10 kilometres from the coast; a crossline somewhere along the German-Danish frontier, further crosslines in Schleswig-Holstein to the north of the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal. In addition, Commander Armed Forces Denmark will plan and construct further east-west crosslines along the north of the German-Danish frontier.

                2. District Leader Kaufmann will be responsible for this construction, for which all available means and the Todt Organisation will be employed.

                3. Commander In Chief Naval Command North, as Commander of forces for the defence of the German North Sea coast, will assume the direction of purely military tasks, according to the Directives of the High Command Of The Armed Forces (Operations Staff).

                Deputy General X Army Corps will be responsible under him for carrying out military tasks.


  • (a) To plan the whole defensive system (including estimates of materials required), for the construction of a permanent system of field fortifications for which the estimate of forces necessary for an adequate garrison capable of full defence is the basic requirement.
  • (b) To settle the tactical siting of the line of defences in detail, and
  • (c) To establish priorities for the completion of the individual sectors.
  • (d) To decide upon the form which the construction should take, in the light of tactical and technical experience, and of the material available.
                In addition, Deputy General X Corps will form three further Planning Staffs, in addition to those which already exist, composed of Officers of all arms. These will be allocated to Deputy General X Corps by Army Personnel Office.

                The Engineer Staffs required for construction will be formed by Deputy General X Corps.

                In addition, the Naval Fortification Engineer Organisation stationed in the German Bight will come under the command of Deputy General X Corps for these duties in this area.

                Other personnel required in excess of this will be applied for by Deputy General X Corps to the High Command Of The Armed Forces (General Of Engineers).

                4. General Rules For The Construction. The following will be fortified as a first priority: The North and East Frisian Islands, the coastal sector opposite Sylt (Hindenburgdamm); the Eiderstedt Peninsula, the river defence of the Elbe River-Weser River estuary, and the coast from Brunsbüttel-Cuxhaven-Wesermünde to Wilhelmshaven inclusive, the Ems River Estuary with Delfzijl. Second priority: The entire remainder of the coast. The construction will be executed so as to form first a continuous antitank obstacle, with an articulated defensive system in depth, which will in addition be continuously strengthened. Special General Instructions for the construction will be issued by the High Command Of The Armed Forces (General Of Engineers And Fortresses).

                5. All military Staffs and forces engaged in the construction of the fortifications remain under command of their military superiors. For the actual construction work they will be bound by the Regulations of the District Leader.

                6. The District Leader will be responsible for procuring and employing civilian labour, and for its accommodation and rations, which will include the accommodation and rations of the Todt Organisation units employed.

                7. Employment Of Todt Organisation In The Construction Area. The Todt Organisation will be employed on the basis of direct agreement between the District Leader and the Todt Organisation, so that the latter provides the necessary building equipment and assumes the technical supervision of the execution of the construction. District Leader Kaufmann or the authorities appointed by him remain responsible for the construction. The local Todt Organisation Staff will be attached to him as a Technical Department.

                8. The method of procuring all materials (ordering, allocation , and transport) will be settled by Special Instructions.

                9. District Leader Kaufmann will report to me through the Head Of The Reich Chancery as soon as possible on his plans for organising the work, and for the labour forces to be raised. Naval High Command North Sea will report on the 1st and 15th of each month through the High Command Of The Armed Forces (Operations Staff) on the state and progress of the construction.

Adolf Hitler.