Teleprint.   29th July, 1944.

Subject: The Leader's Order Of 6th July, 1944

                The Leader has ordered paragraphs 2 and 3 of the above mentioned Order on the completion of a system of rear positions to be altered and supplemented as follows:

                1. In addition to the two crosslines which will be established in accordance with paragraph 2 of the order of 26th July, as many further crosslines as possible will be constructed, taking advantage of the rivers, in order to render the enemy advance into the Udine Basin more difficult, to protect the air bases there, and to gain time for the completion of the Alpine Approaches position.

                2. The High Commissioners for the two areas of operation will direct the construction of all the above mentioned positions, as well as the crosslines positions, on Italian territory.

                Commander In Chief Southwest retains responsibility for the construction in depth of the associated Apennine positions and the coastal fortification.

                3. In building the two crosslines, the High Commissioners will arrange directly, between themselves, the drawing up of boundaries between the two areas of operations.

                In cases where positions are sited outside the areas of operations, and are therefore on Italian territory, the High Commissioners there have the same powers in constructing positions as they have in their own areas of operations. The General Plenipotentiary For German Armed Forces In Italy, and the authorities under his command, will support them in this.

                The Foreign Office is requested to explain to The Duce the military necessity for the construction of these positions and the measures required for them, which are of a purely military, and not a political, nature.

                4. The following Construction Units of the Todt Organisation and of the Fortification Construction Staffs are available to the High Commissioners:

  • (a) All resources already in their areas.
  • (b) The construction resources of the Airforce, which are engaged in completing airfields northeast of the line Verona-Po Estuary. Commander In Chief Air Force will apply for exceptions to this ruling (for examples, the quick completion of work already begun and necessary for the present operations of 2nd Air Fleet).
  • (c) Resources which will later be released from the Apennines position.
                The labour forces of the Todt Organisation already employed on coastal fortifications remain under command of Commander In Chief Southwest.

                5. An order will follow concerning the support required from the Staffs and Commands of all Services in the Alpine Approaches zone of operations, for ensuring the constructional work.

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