Teleprint.   26th July, 1944.

High Command Of The Armed Forces (Operations Staff).

Subject: Alpine Approaches Position

                1. I order the construction of a system of rear positions in northern Italy.

                2. The following are to be constructed:

  • (a) The position in the Alpine Approaches, which is already laid down on broad lines. (b) The adjacent Karst Position (Tschitschen-Boden). (c) A crossline extending from Ala to the Gulf Of Venice. (d) A crossline extending from Belluno to the Gulf Of Venice.
                3. The following persons are responsible for constructing these positions:

                (a) The High Commissioner For The Operation Area Alpine Approaches, for the Alpine Approaches position from the Swiss frontier to the Piave Valley south of Longarone (inclusive).

                (b) The High Commissioner For Operation Area Adriatic Sea Coast, for the Alpine Approaches position from the Piave Valley south of Longarone (exclusive), to Trieste (exclusive), and for the Karst position (Tschitschen-Boden) to the Gulf Of Fiume.

                Labour forces and materials will be recruited by a general call up of the population, as in East Prussia.

                (c) Commander In Chief Southwest, for both crossline positions between the Alpine Approaches position and the Gulf Of Venice, with the help of the Todt Organisation.

                4. The purely military tasks for all positions are the responsibility of Commander In Chief Southwest. With the help of tactical and Engineering / Technical Staffs which will be formed for this purpose, he will determine:

  • (a) The operational and tactical siting of the positions.
  • (b) The priority for the completion of individual sectors.
  • (c) The form of the construction, in the light of the tactical situation, of tactical and technical battle experience, and the means available.
                5. The intended organisation for constructing these positions and the labour forces to be raised, will be reported to me as soon as possible. Progress reports will be submitted to me on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month after work has begun.

                6. The High Command Of The Armed Forces will issue detailed orders for carrying this out.

Adolf Hitler.