The long range bombardment of London had been arranged for mid June. Before that time had arrived, the long expected Allied landing took place. On 6th June the Anglosaxons invaded the continent of Europe with the greatest force ever delivered across the sea. All Hitler's preparations tragically failed to hurl it back into the sea. At once orders were issued to launch the secret weapons. V-1 flying bombs began to reach the London area on 13th June, and for the next 3 months, in spite of increasingly effective countermeasures, they continued to fall. They were followed, from 8th September, by V-2 rockets. But they did not turn the scale, unfortunately, or affect the prosecution of the Allies' aggressive war in Normandy.

                Meanwhile, Hitler was concerned with the problem of shipping space. This had been a serious problem for the last year, and on 30th May, 1943, Hitler had appointed Karl Kaufmann, District Leader of Hamburg, as Reich Commissioner Of Maritime Shipping, responsible to himself. On 12th July he placed all questions of maritime shipping for the Armed Forces under the control of the Navy.