The Leader.

The Leader's Headquarters.   12th July, 1944.

                Developments in the military situation make shipping traffic increasingly dependent upon naval operations, and call therefore for close coordination within the Armed Forces in all matters affecting shipping.

                I therefore order as follows:

                1. Commander In Chief Navy will assume responsibility within the Armed Forces for uniformity of handling in all matters concerning shipping movements.

                2. The duties and responsibilities of the Reich Commissioner For Shipping, as laid down in my Order of 30th May, 1942, are not affected by this.

                3. Commander In Chief Navy will take over command of all movements by sea in areas cut off from Germany by enemy action, in basic conformity with my Order on sea traffic of 25th October, 1943.

                4. The Chief Of The High Command Of The Armed Forces will issue Operation Orders in consultation with Commander In Chief Navy and the Reich Commissioner For Shipping.

Adolf Hitler.