The Leader's Order Of 16th May, 1944

Reference: Employment Of Long Range Weapons Against England.

The Leader's Headquarters.

High Command Of The Armed Forces.   16th May, 1944.

                The Leader has ordered:

                1. The long range bombardment of England will begin in the middle of June. The exact date will be set by Commander In Chief West, who will also control the bombardment with the help of LXV Army Corps and 3rd Air Fleet.

                2. The following weapons will be employed:

                (a) Fzg. 76.
                (b) Fzg. 76 launched from HE. 111.
                (c) Long range artillery.
                (d) Bomber forces of 3rd Air Fleet.

                3. Method:

                (a) Against the main target, London.

                The bombardment will open like a thunderclap by night with Fzg. 76, combined with bombs (mostly incendiary) from the bomber forces, and a sudden long range artillery attack against towns within range. It will continue with persistent harassing fire by night on London. When weather conditions make enemy air activity impossible, firing can also take place by day. This harassing fire, mingled with bombardments of varying length and intensity, will be calculated so that the supply of ammunition is always related to our capacities for production and transport. In addition, six hundred Fzg. 76 will be regarded as a reserve of the High Command Of The Armed Forces, to be fired only with the approval of the High Command Of The Armed Forces.

                (b) Orders will be given in due course for switching fire to other targets.

                4. Bomber planes of the Airforce will cooperate to the exclusion of other tasks, at least at the beginning of the bombardment. Fighter and antiaircraft defence of firing points and dumps will be completed and organised at the beginning of the bombardment. All preparations will be made on the assumption that communications with the firing points will come under heavy enemy attack and may be destroyed.

                5. The orders laid down for secrecy in paragraph 7 of the order of 25th December, 1943, No. 663082/43 for Senior Commanders, will apply.

The Chief Of The High Command Of The Armed Forces.