The Leader And Supreme Commander Of The Armed Forces.

The Leader's Headquarters.   1st August, 1940.   10 copies

Directive No. 17 -- For The Conduct Of Air And Sea Warfare Against England

                In order to establish the necessary conditions for the final conquest of England I intend to intensify air and sea warfare against the English homeland. I therefore order as follows:

                1. The German Airforce is to overpower the English Airforce with all the forces at its command, in the shortest possible time. The attacks are to be directed primarily against flying units, their ground installations, and their supply organisations, but also against the aircraft industry, including that manufacturing antiaircraft equipment.

                2. After achieving temporary or local air superiority the air war is to be continued against ports, in particular against stores of food, and also against stores of provisions in the interior of the country.

                Attacks on south coast ports will be made on the smallest possible scale, in view of our own forthcoming operations.

                3. On the other hand, air attacks on enemy warships and merchant ships may be reduced except where some particularly favourable target happens to present itself, where such attacks would lend additional effectiveness to those mentioned in paragraph 2, or where such attacks are necessary for the training of aircrews for further operations.

                4. The intensified air warfare will be carried out in such a way that the Airforce can at any time be called upon to give adequate support to naval operations against suitable targets. It must also be ready to take part in full force in Undertaking Sea Lion.

                5. I reserve to myself the right to decide on terror attacks as measures of reprisal.

                6. The intensification of the air war may begin on or after 5th August. The exact time is to be decided by the Airforce after the completion of preparations and in the light of the weather.

                The Navy is authorised to begin the proposed intensified naval war at the same time.

Adolf Hitler.