The Supreme Commander Of The Armed Forces.

Berlin.   18th October, 1939.   8 copies

Directive No. 7 For The Conduct Of The War

                For the prosecution of the war against the western enemy, until the beginning of the attack as planned, existing Directives are hereby amplified as follows:

                1. The following are permitted with immediate effect:

                The Army may cross the French frontier with patrols, but only in so far as this is necessary for reconnaissance, and to maintain contact with enemy forces in withdrawal.

                The Air Force may send fighter escorts over French territory in so far as this is necessary to protect reconnaissance aircraft.

                It may also attack English naval units in naval bases. (Verbal notice to be given.)

                The Navy may attack passenger ships in convoy or proceeding without lights.

                The Leader will decide on all further measures to intensify the trade war against England as soon as their political and economic effects have been considered by the High Command Of The Armed Forces.

                The attacks on English naval units at sea and in naval bases are to be kept up whenever a suitable opportunity offers and in close liaison between Navy and Air Force.

                2. Should it be necessary to oppose an Anglofrench invasion of Belgium (Directive No. 6 paragraph 6) the Army may also enter Luxembourg territory.

                The Air Force will, in this event, give direct support to the Army and will prevent attacks on the Army by the Anglofrench Air Force and the advance of enemy forces. It will also prevent the establishment of Anglofrench Air Forces and the landing of English troops in Belgium and Holland. For this purpose flights may be made over any part of the western frontier of Germany. Attacks on industrial targets, or such as might highly endanger the civilian population, are forbidden in Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg.

                For the Navy, the principles set forth in Directive No. 6 paragraph 5 apply in this case also.

                3. In order to conceal our own plans for attack, authorities immediately subordinate to the High Command Of The Armed Forces (and in particular the Inspector Of Signals and the Security and Propaganda Divisions) will work in close collaboration, as will the Staffs of individual arms of the services.

                Proposals and requests in this connection will be made as soon as possible to the High Command Of The Armed Forces, Operations Staff (Defence Department).

Adolf Hitler.