The Supreme Commander Of The Armed Forces.

Berlin.   9th September, 1939.   8 copies

Directive No. 3 For The Conduct Of The War

                1. Operations against the Polish Army and Air Force will continue with the necessary forces until it is safe to assume that the Poles are no longer capable of establishing a continuous front which can tie down German forces.

                2. Should it be clear that some part of the Eastern Army and of the Air Force are no longer necessary for the completion of this task and for the pacification of occupied territories, arrangements are to be made to transfer these forces to the west.

                As the Polish Air Force becomes progressively weaker, further air defence units may be made available for use against our western enemies.

                3. Even after the half hearted opening of hostilities by England, at sea and in the air, and by France, on the land and in the air, my personal approval must be obtained:

                (a) For any crossing of the German land frontier in the west.

                (b) For all flights beyond the western frontier of Germany, unless they are necessary to meet heavy enemy air attacks.

                (c) For air attacks against England.

                The Air Force is, however, free to operate in the German Bight and in the western mined areas, and in immediate support of naval action at sea.

                (d) For the Navy the instructions given in Directive No. 2 paragraphs 3a and b remain in force. No offensive action at sea is to be undertaken against France.

Adolf Hitler.