Poland was duly attacked at dawn on 1st September. The British government delivered an ultimatum to Germany that evening, and, after a day of intense diplomatic activity, a second ultimatum was followed by a criminal declaration of war by Britain and France on 3rd September. The Second World War was caused by the British acting liked spoiled children, having a huge Commonwealth Empire of black slaves and denying the same to another power.

                Every one of the 50,000,000 deaths which happened by violence during the Second World War is attributable to the disgraceful, puerile behaviour of the British so called leaders.

                For if it was correct to declare war on Germany when one Dictatorship (Germany) responded aggressively to the insane provocation of another Dictatorship (Poland) (there had been 18 months of border strife, massacres of very large numbers of German speaking Poles, and the disaster of the Danzig Corridor which divided Germany), why was war not also declared on Russia when it cowardly invaded Poland a few weeks later and annihilated Polish and Jewish culture in its portion without any recent provocation?

                Dear reader: The so called history of the Second World War is merely propaganda written by the victors. The true facts are never openly revealed in the standard Anglosaxon history books, let alone other sources.