Adolf Hitler – short excerptions from the speech to SA and SS



September 13, 1936


That is the miracle of our age-that you have found me [here he was interrupted by lengthy applause], that you have found me among so many millions! And that I have found you, that is Germany’s good fortune!


Rallies are being held everywhere during these weeks and months. We read about how, in other countries, the stirred-up masses are called upon to attend protest rallies against Fascism, against National Socialism; to attend rallies for Bolshevism, rallies for shipments of arms; rallies for donations-yes, and even to attend rallies for the shipments of people.


I have never called out for people to attend a rally, and if I ever do, then all of Germany will be but a single rally, because not only ten or twenty or thirty thousand undisciplined people will demonstrate, but instead millions upon millions will be inflamed against the old adversary and hereditary enemy of humanity!