Adolf Hitler - speech before 54,000 members of the Hitler Youth

in the Nuremberg stadium



September 14, 1935

 German Youth!


You are now lining up for this roll call for the third time; more than 54,000 representatives of a community which grows from year to year. The weight of those you personify here each year has become consistently greater. Not only in terms of quantity, oh no; we can see it: in terms of quality. If I think back on the first roll call and on the second and compare them to this one today, I can see the same development we see evidenced throughout the rest of German Volksleben: our Volk is becoming increasingly disciplined, sturdier, more taut- and youth is beginning to as well. The ideal of the man has been subjected to different views in our Volk as well. There were times-they seem to be long ago and are almost incomprehensible to us-when the ideal of the young German man was, to use the jargon, a beer-drinking, hard-living fellow.


Today we are happy to note that the ideal is no longer the beer-drinking and hardliving young man, but the tough young man, impervious to wind and weather. For the main thing is not how many glasses of beer he can drink, but how many blows he can withstand; not how long he can make the rounds night after night, but how many kilometers he can march.


Today the beer-happy bourgeois (Bierspiesser) of those times is no longer regarded as the ideal of the German Volk, but men and girls who are fit as a fiddle, who are string taut. What we want from our German youth is different from what the past wanted of it. In our eyes, the German youth of the future must be slender and supple, swift as greyhounds, tough as leather, and hard as Krupp steel. We must cultivate a new man in order to prevent the ruin of our Volk by the degeneration manifested in our age.