Adolf Hitler – proclamation

read by Gauleiter Adolf Wagner



Nürnberg, September 5, 1934


We wish to establish two realizations as historic facts:


1. The year from September 1933 to September 1934 brought with it the final consolidation of National Socialist power in Germany. The Congress of Victory marked the beginning of a battle of pursuit in the course of which we broke up and captured our enemies’ positions one after another.


2. For the National Socialist leadership of state, this period at the same time constituted a year of tremendous constructive and productive work.


This inevitably leads to the unquestionable conclusion: the National Socialist Revolution has now come to an end as a revolutionary and powerrelated process! As a revolution, it has completely fulfilled what could be expected of it. The world does not live on wars, and similarly the Volk does not live on revolutions.


Both cases can, at most, provide the basis for a new life. But no good will come of it if the act of destruction is not accomplished for the sake of a better and thus higher idea, but is exclusively subject to the nihilistic drives of destruction and will thus result not in the formation of something better but in unending hatred.


A revolution which perceives its sole purpose as the defeat of a political opponent, the destruction of earlier accomplishments, or in the elimination of existing circumstances will lead to nothing better than a world war which will reach its appalling culmination-or rather its logical progression-in a mad Diktat.


Genuine revolutions are only conceivable as the consummation of a new calling to which the will of the Volk assigns its historic task in this way. And today this leadership of the Volk has the power to do anything in Germany! Who can deny that the National Socialist Movement has become the omnipotent master over the German Reich? The crowning glory of this political development is expressed symbolically in the fact that the Wehrmacht has adopted the sovereign symbol of the Movement; in the fact that the leader of the Party has been elected to head of state of the German nation, and the Wehrmacht and administration of the Reich subsequently pledged an oath of allegiance to him. Thus we shall crush any and all attempts to instigate acts of violence against the leadership of the National Socialist Movement and of the Reich and nip them in the bud, regardless of whom they originate from.

We all know to whom the nation has given its mandate! Woe betide anyone who does not know this or forgets it! Revolutions have always been rare in the German Volk. The nervous age of the nineteenth century has finally come to an end with us.


There will not be another revolution in Germany for the next thousand years!


Tremendous was, above all, the work which had to be done in the areas of decay which manifested itself most evidently at the time.

He who finds fault with the economic policy of these past twelve months can only be malicious or have taken leave of his senses.


When we took power, Germany’s economy was in what seemed to be an unstoppable process of shrinking. Fear and distrust, despondency and despair comprised the breeding ground for a development whose collapse could be clearly foreseen. These successes are the convincing proof of the effectiveness of our economic policy and the German Volk’s confidence in it:


1. The executive destruction of German peasantry was not only stopped, but fully eliminated.


2. The measures taken to create work have, on a large scale, been attended by tremendous success.


3. The number of unemployed has decreased by an estimated four and a half million.


4. The German mark has remained stable, and that in spite of the many export problems.


5. Savings deposits have grown tremendously.


6. The volume of traffic has undergone enormous increases on the railroads, in terms of motorized traffic, and in the air.


7. The receipts from contributions and taxes have far surpassed estimates in respect to all voluntary, nonstate and state organizations as well as to all public funds.


When, two years ago, we predicted that this development would take place if we took power, this was not only challenged and denied, but claimed to be impossible and even dismissed with scorn. And today these same people who did nothing but ruin Germany by their own labors now dare to claim that our achievements are trivial and insignificant. But where would Germany be had these destructive elements governed for even one year longer? This year which lies behind us has accomplished the tremendous preliminary work for projects which will only become visibly evident to the nation in the course of the next few years. The gigantic roadbuilding plans could not be pulled out of a hat from one day to the next, but required a certain amount of time alone for their conception and design. But the German Volk will see what preliminary work has been accomplished during these twelve months in what will be carried out in the years to come. In addition to the national network of roads, tremendous new national railway stations have been completed in the conceptual and design stages. Revolutionary construction programs are being drawn up for a whole series of major German cities, the magnitude of which will only be able to be fully and finally appreciated after decades have passed.


Some industries have been broken up, new industries have been founded; the settlement policy was consolidated in order to be more effective in broad points of view.


In order to combat the world boycott, the substitution of raw materials was begun and the initial preparations undertaken to make Germany independent of this need. Constantly guided by a single belief: no matter what happens, National Socialism will never capitulate!

Posterity shall one day say of us: never was the German nation stronger and never its future more secure than at the time when the ancient Germanic peoples’ old mystical symbol of salvation (Heilszeichen) was rejuvenated in Germany to become the symbol of the Third Reich.


Long live our German Volk, long live the National Socialist Party and our Reich!